Nitro Rallycross to return this August

Nitro Rallycross

22 May 2019

Credit: Nitro Circus

Nitro Rallycross will return this summer as part of Nitro Circus’ Nitro World Games action sports event.

The one-off motorsport competition will take place on August 16-17 at the Utah Motorsports Campus alongside the Moto Quarter Pipe and FMX best trick competitions.

The innovative event first took place last year on a purpose-built track designed by Travis Pastrana which featured multiple routes and a 130-foot crossover jump. An all-star cast of top European and US drivers was assembled for the event, with World Rallycross event winner Timmy Hansen emerging victorious ahead of Mattias Ekstrom and Tanner Foust.

Timmy Hansen won the inaugural Nitro Rallycross competition last year – Credit: Nitro Circus

“Last year we proved that race cars could fly and this year we have re-designed the track to be even crazier.” said Pastrana. “All of the athletes couldn’t be more excited that we are heading back to the Utah Motorsports Campus with Nitro World Games and NRX.”

“Utah has been Nitro’s home since the beginning and we are excited to continue pushing the limits of action sports right here where it started.”

Speaking to last year Pastrana said that providing an enjoyable experience for drivers was central to the NRX concept.

“Every driver said it was the most fun they’ve had in their car – you have Mattias Ekstrom and Scott Speed, that have driven everything, say ‘this is the most fun I’ve had in my car in my entire life’,” he said. “For me, that’s huge – as we’ve found with Nitro Circus, if the riders are passionate, if the riders are excited, they want to be there.”

Nitro Rallycross’ unique track has been praised by drivers from both sides of the Atlantic – Credit: Nitro Circus

“Unfortunately, when we go to race it’s always parking lot races – or even COTA where they have this amazing facility but the rallycross is a complete afterthought,” Pastrana said at the time. “I’m glad they have it and I’m appreciative but what if we could come up with something and show what these cars can do?”

“I feel the course showed what could be done,” he added. “It definitely did.”

An entry list for the 2019 Nitro Rallycross event has yet to be announced, but Pastrana and his Subaru team mates Chris Atkinson, Patrik Sandell, and Scott Speed – who moved over from Volkswagen this winter – are all but certain to return, while Tanner Foust Ken Block and defending champion Timmy Hansen are all likely to appear as well.