Freestyle motocross stars perform world first in Wales

Nitro World Games

11 Sep 2019

Credit: Nitro Circus

Freestyle motocross superstars Josh Sheehan, Jackson Strong, and Luc Ackermann completed a jaw-dropping world first at Caerphilly Castle in Wales this week.

The trio performed the first-ever three-rider double backflip train at the historic location. While the first double backflip (in competition) was landed by Travis Pastrana in 2006, and trains – where multiple riders launch off a ramp in quick succession – have been a mainstay of freestyle motocross performances since the discipline’s inception, the event on Tuesday marked the first time the two things had ever been combined.

Each rider had to launch their 100 kg motocross bikes into the air in quick succession, then completed two full rotations in the air, centimetres apart from one another, before landing safely.

“To land that with two of my good friends is absolutely amazing,” Strong said. “Normally freestyle motocross isn’t a team sport. You are usually going out there competing against each other. But, to have the opportunity to do something like this with two of my friends is something I will never forget.”

Credit: Nitro Circus

“In practice we all felt pretty good about each of our doubles, but it still didn’t prepare us for the train,” added Josh Sheehan, who in 2015 became the first person in the world to successfully land a triple backflip. “First the noise – I could hear the bikes screaming through the air – then trying to be so close to the person in front of and behind you. We had to really focus on what we were doing. But to land it was exhilarating.”

The world first was part of the built up for the 2020 Nitro World Games action sports event which will take place at the nearby Principality Stadium in Cardiff next summer.

“Nitro World Games 2020 is going to be another level because so many good riders want to compete,” said Ackermann. “It’s going to be an amazing event in a huge stadium.”

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